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Reaching Out to Typhoon “LANDO” Victims

People in modern day society look up to companies that go above and beyond their business goals and objectives. To effect a continuing prosperity, companies must look beyond at what’s shaping them today to what’s going to influence them tomorrow. Simply put, this is not just about addressing changes to technology or the needs of customers, but also taking into account the changes in social and environmental issues. To be sensitive to the hardships brought about by tragedies is a straightforward response that can pave the way towards an engaging corporate social responsibility program. Moreover, polished CSR activities can develop leadership and project management skills as they encourage individuals to form relationships with people they would not normally interface with (like typhoon, fire and other victims of calamities.)

Indeed, it is heartwarming to witness a deluge of support from teammates in donating items (used clothing, shoes, canned goods, etc.) intended for the victims of typhoon “LANDO” that heavily ravaged central and northern provinces in Luzon recently. For a period of one (1) week, an area situated at the second floor lobby was designated wherein teammates may drop their donations. After less than a week’s time, the original plan of filling up two (2) boxes are no longer enough to contain contributions and dole outs generously given for a charitable cause, as it is now necessary to contain all the donations in four or more boxes. This only proves that the collective compassion that stems from each teammate in PowerAsia, Castle Power and Libra encompasses a concealed benevolence and a helpful hand ready to reach out to our needy fellow men, which more importantly manifests a genuine concern for our less-fortunate brothers and the community as a whole.

This kind of initiative is management’s approach of promoting social responsibility in the workplace in order to build a more positive environment for teammates. It is credited to build a sense of community and teamwork which brings everyone together and leads to happier, more productive teammates. To link corporate social responsibility to long-term strategy is an objective that PAI management is eyeing for. After all, corporate social responsibility makes more than business sense as it adds meaning to one’s work and makes everyone feel good in the long run.

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