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April 29 and 30 was the culmination of some sort of a summer bucket list for TMs: singing out to heart’s content, swimming in the pool with the Taal volcano at the backdrop, strolling alongside Lake Taal’s placidly beckoning waters, communing with nature’s verdant surroundings, planting mahogany trees by the road side, painting a day care center building and boodle fight! Yes, boodle fight--and for almost all teammates, it was their first time to experience such a gastronomic feast that somehow elevated the essence of teamwork to a whole new different level--transcending work, exuberance and laughter for all.

PowerAsia, Castle Power and Libra TMs assumed the seemingly mundane tasks of townsfolks people of Talisay, Batangas: planting trees, painting windows and walls, as well as the tedious food preparation that involved stoking fire wood, peeling grilled eggplants and green mangoes, frying tilapia, breaking salted eggs in halves and meticulously preparing the long tables laden with freshly cut banana leaves. The morning of the first day truly depicted the “bayanihan” (cooperative undertaking) spirit that Filipinos are well known for. As delay was mounting and TMs waited for almost an hour before the arrival of paint materials, TMs assigned in the tree planting activity had already accomplished their backbreaking tasks under the sweltering midday sun. Yet upon arrival at the barangay hall, sensing the problem with the setback, they did not take their much deserved respite inside the air-conditioned bus and instead took it upon themselves to help out in any manner and in any activity they can lay their hands on.

It was not a typical hustle-and-bustle barrio scene, as the blue TMs labored without protest like army ants in racing against the allotted time to finish the paint jobs, while others dutifully find ways in facilitating the food preparation to assuage the collective hunger of grumbling stomachs. Providentially, the indulgent banquet (that was devoid of plates, spoons, forks and dining utensils) satiated every TM who contentedly ate with their bare hands while lining the long buffet table standing up and constantly passing fresh coconuts around to serve as refreshing drinks.

Ironically, the fun has yet to begin after the laborious morning of the first day of outing, as almost immediately after the sumptuous lunch, the TMs finished the painting job to the delight of the townspeople who were grateful enough to reward the TMs with their warm hospitality. The group then proceeded to Balai Isabel Resort for the much anticipated reprieve and bonding. Balai Isabel’s rustic and tranquil lakeside ambience proved to be the perfect sanctuary for the exhausted TMs. Despite the weariness, the adventurous spirit of the TMs lifted them up in seeking sports activities such as swimming, playing basketball, shooting billiards and darts, while others serenely immersed themselves with the countryside environment by strolling the lake shore and leisurely wandering around the sprawling estate.

Despite the heavy downpour after supper that night, the merriment was sustained unrelentingly as TMs shed off their inhibitions in showcasing their singing talent to the appreciation of everyone as evidenced by the outburst of social media postings by TMs during the two-day outing and beyond. A lot of “firsts” were experienced during the 2-day combined summer outing and CSR activities for PowerAsia, Castle Power and Libra Agro. The three (3) sister companies locked heads and traded ideas in the drawing board to come up with an out-of-workplace experience that certainly carved a niche in our corporate history and will surely be treasured for a long time--a true manifestation of what REAL teamwork can accomplish in work and in play.

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