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- Contributed by Emee Hernando (UNI Coordinator)


Yuletide season is the most anticipated time of the year and PAI, together with Castle Power & Libra Agro commemorated the birth of our savior--Jesus Christ, by giving thanks for a successful year through its annual company party dubbed as "Party Like a Rock Star!" last 15 December 2016. Held at Valle Verde II Clubhouse, the event was filled with a revitalizing atmosphere as the party committee ensured to keep everyone entertained all through the night.



At the venue's entrance and true to the rock star theme, teammates got excited as they were greeted by a set of sentimental rock songs from PAI's and CP's very own startup band consisting of the following members: Ses Delos Santos (rhythm guitar), Jojo Manuel/Christian Cruz (drums), Abner Cunanan (vocals) and his bandmates from SPUG Minuyan: Richard (bass guitar) and Kiko (lead guitar). And while energetically waiting for the start of the adrenalin-filled party, everyone animatedly went around having their "selfies" and "groufies" taken with their favorite rock-star-costumed TMs. All departments also had the opportunity to have their group picture taken which is a rarity due to TMs assigned in satellite offices.



The arrival of Ma'am Menette and Sir Naz, donned with their stunning rock star outfits (leather skirt and pants, real electric guitar strapped at the back and all), heralded the commencement of the party. Ria Enriquez first led the group with an invocation, followed by a rundown of 2016's happenings as recounted by the dynamic duo of Ruge Rubica and Marvin Alcantara who went on to describe how the group came up with the party-like-a-rock-star theme. To start off the festivities and in keeping with the season, an impromptu singing contest was held wherein participants were required to sing a part of a Christmas carol they know within 5 seconds without repeating the same songs already sang by the other participants.



At the backdrop while the Christmas carol contest was going on, members of each group presentation are nervously prepping themselves up to showcase their prepared dance numbers which is one of the highlights of the party. The festive mood carried on as some teammates showcased their talents in singing and jamming with the band while the rest savored a scrumptious dinner prepared by Verleo Catering. It was a welcome spur-of-the-moment spotlight of the party as teammates got a taste of confidently revealing their musical talents with a live band accompaniment. Added to this surprise was the lip-synching of Sir Naz with the head-turning strumming of Ma'am Menette as they regaled the audience with Jon bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" hit.



For the much-awaited yearly presentation contest, each group exhibited their commendable creativity and dancing skills. Though this time around, the combined group of ADM & HRM took home the grand prize, outscoring the FIN & QMS group by a very slim margin. TMs who've been with PAI, CP & Libra for 5 years, were likewise honored with a plaque of appreciation and gift certificates worth P2,500 each for their dedicated and loyal service to the company.



As the exuberant party draws to a close, everyone was dancing their hearts out while the band was singing "Salamat" by The Dawn with Ma'am Menette leading the festive group of TMs that brought home with them a lighthearted mood and a night to remember—grateful for all the blessings of the year that was 2016.


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