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Annual Physical Examination (APE) Held Early this Year

PowerAsia, together with its three (3) sister companies Castle Power, Libra and SiTech, underwent its annual physical examination (APE) last 27 March—months ahead compared to previous years’ APE. A total of 74 teammates from the four (4) companies submitted themselves to medical testing and consultation and availed of this yearly privilege for all permanent employees. A wide range of medical protocols were made available by SureHealth Multi-Specialty Clinic, from Hepa B screening, to the monitoring of SGPT, FBS, Total Cholesterol, as well as ECG, lipid profiling, sputum analysis, eye check-up and chest/lung x-ray. These medical tests were bundled accordingly into three (3) packages and recommended based on the current age of each teammate.

Three (3) more teammates from Cebu and Cagayan de Oro satellite offices are scheduled to undergo the same medical test packages on the first week of May, to coincide with the scheduled annual company outing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities slated on 05-06 May. Other permanent TMs who were on official travels and leaves last 27 March may still avail of the annual physical exams by proceeding to the SureHealth Multi-Specialty Clinic until next month of May.

For several years now, the importance of APE has been strongly emphasized to all TMs for health monitoring reasons and preventative health care. Annual physical examination is an essential measure to prevent illness as well as to ensure a long and healthy life for every teammate and his/her own family. During these medical exams, health professionals would normally inquire about family medical history and take down vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, etc. While nothing could replace the significance of daily exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle, receiving annual medical checkups has become increasingly important to uncover signs and symptoms that could lead to serious illnesses.

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, the APE has evolved into a venue to bond more closely with other TMs who would naturally catch up with one another while waiting for their turn to be examined. Bonding is another activity that may well alleviate stress or even depression and has a direct bearing on corporate relations to influence teamwork. However, once their turn has come, TMs are urged to play an active role in speaking up with the doctor and/or health professional, firing away questions or concerns about their health, regardless of how minor they may seem.

Doctor’s warnings should always be taken seriously and TMs should never hesitate to ask for more informational resources that could lead to better health awareness. Besides, the easiest way to prolong life and keep healthcare costs affordable is to take measures to prevent illnesses whenever possible---and APEs and a healthy lifestyle are two considerable preventative measures everyone can control.

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