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Have a Healthier 2016!

This is one of the wishes that teammates amongst themselves yearn for each other. Due to this new year’s aspiration, management has embarked on an in-workplace office calisthenics aimed at beating the sedentary lifestyle inherent in office-based personnel. Last Wednesday, an almost 4-minute long video exercise was distributed and copied in desktop and laptop PCs in Libra Agro, Castle Power and PAI offices to serve as guide for the scheduled 10am and 3pm exercises.

The disseminated video exercise consists of warmup regimen, progressing to measured aerobics movements, and gently ending with cooldown stretches. Based on reputable studies, the human body is designed to move, as energy creates energy. The more a person moves, the more energy the body generates. Sitting down for long stretches of time creates energy blockages that may lead to obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and other symptoms attributable to a deskbound lifestyle that encourages inactivity. As ergonomic as a desk or office chair may be, sitting for long periods of time produces back pains, headaches and listlessness, resulting to lesser productivity.

Moreover, instilling a regular office exercise is an effective way to manage stress in order to lessen the likelihood of getting sick. And the easiest way to eliminate stress is to train our body every day. After all, doctors attest that any amount of exercise helps and the benefits are cumulative, giving a shot at a better and healthier life.

Pictures below depict PAI, CP and Libra Agro teammates in enthusiastic participation of the newly launched office calisthenics.

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